I have fished with Chris for crappie several times in the last couple years. At the end of each trip, we have caught all the slabs I want to clean. Chris does everything he can to make sure you catch fish and have a great day on the lake. I strongly recommend him to anyone who loves to fish. - E. Potter, 2016


My husband Dave and I have been out with Chris on several occasions. Not only do we always catch a multitude of fish, but we have a wonderful time! Chris is a wealth of knowledge and extremely personable to boot. I lived most of my childhood around the Kerr Lake area and fished many weekends there. I would never have been able to educate my Ohio born and raised husband on the styles and techniques learned while out with Chris. I recommend at least a Crappie and a Catfish trip with him, even if you think you are an old ham at both. You will not be disappointed, but amazed at what you learn. We will be planning repeat trips every year! - Sherri and Dave H.


I can't begin to tell you how much Jake & I enjoyed our crappie fishing trip with you! You are as professional as they come, and your knowledge of the area is unmatched. It was because of you that I have this Citation Award on my desk for the 2lb. 3oz. crappie I nabbed. In addition to all the fish we caught, you were great company. We are definitely looking forward to next year. All the best to you, Chris. - I. Nelson


We had an excellent day on the water crappie fishing with Chris. We caught quality fish all day which was very impressive. The most impressive experience of the day was watching and listening to Chris educate my 10 year old son, Bryce, on his productive technique for catching Spring crappie. Chris' patience and sense of humor made it an experience Bryce and I will remember for a life time.

I recommend a fishing trip with Chris to anyone going to Kerr Lake. You'll learn more in one day of fishing with Chris than you could learn in a year fishing alone.

Thanks Chris for a memorable trip. We'll be back soon.

Ron and Bryce.
I've been fishing all my life but I've never had a better time fishing than I did with Chris.
He is a professional fisherman in every sense of the word. Chris has top notch equipment and he knows how to put you on the fish. I caught my biggest blue cat to date fishing with him. It's not often that someone can put you on a 60 lb fish. We put 14 nice blues in the boat that day and I don't know when I've had more fun. You don't know what you're missing until you spend a day out on the lake with Chris.
Monte Thompson

Well - I am HOOKED!!! Thanks to Chris for taking me catfishing yesterday - I don't know when I've had that much fun, and I didn't realize how much fun you catfishermen were having without me!

What a setup Chris has for catching catfish - everything was perfect and everything you needed was ready to go and set up. It was a full course of how to catfish from how to locate them, to how to catch them and how to have fun.

We caught some nice cats. Beautiful fish! LOVE IT!!!!!!
Jeff Crow, Midlothian, VA,
If you want a catching trip I suggest you go with Chris. He is a true professional from technique to equipment.
He will make sure you catch fish and have a trip of a lifetime.
What a day on Kerr Lake with a true professional angler! Chris and I had a wonderful time catching crappie on a very hot day. I didn’t realize that crappie can be caught year round if you know where and how to catch them. It was such pleasure fishing with someone, such as Chris, who is a true gentleman with so much knowledge of fishing.
We caught crappie all day long. When I booked my trip I asked Chris what items I needed to bring with me. He said the only thing you need to bring is a cooler. He provided everything. And, boy; did that cooler get heavy.
I recommend a day on the lake with Chris. It is worth every penny and more.
I tried new techniques and even learned to “shoot docks”. Don’t worry about having any experience; Chris will teach you patiently to be a better fisherman.
We laughed at each other and with each other. I can’t wait to take my bother-in-law.
Thanks, Chris, for a memorable trip!
Jim Way

Ingredients for a perfect day of Angling ;
Four cousins, Two professional anglers, one 'kitted-out' high speed boat with three spinning rods, one trawling boat fitted with sixteen nine foot rods, a couple of spoons, some live bait, warm clothing, one really large lake and a complete lack of expectation. Mix them all up at once and you've just had a perfect angling experience with Chris and Shannon on lake Kerr.

When we drove the 100 odd miles from Martinsville, Virginia to get to Lake Kerr and we didn't know how the day was going shape up. The only certainty was that it was going to be a bitterly cold morning. Armed with food and drink for the day we pulled up into the dock ready to catch some fish!! It did feel a little odd walking up to a lake with intent to catch fish without any fishing tackle but that changed as soon as we were greeted with generous smiles from Chris and Shannon who already had their boats and gear in the water ready to head out onto the lake.
Us cousins split up into two groups. Ian and I chose to spend the morning jigging for striper while Kyle and Manu spent the morning with Shannon trying their luck at the the Arkansas blue cat the lake is so well known for. Recently the world record blue cat was caught on that very lake. Manu and I have done a fair amount of angling for Mahseer and snakeheads back in India, but when I sat in Chris's boat I needed a complete crash course on all the gadgets and gizmos he used to locate schools of bait fish and the larger fish feeding off them. Leaving "S" shaped wakes behind us,
I could go on and on - but the best way to find out more, is to give Chris a call - he will take you out for a fantastic day of fishing you will never forget!
I have fished with Chris quite a bit over the last 10 or so years. We have fished for crappie, catfish , and bass. It is always an enjoyable experience and usually a very successful one. I don't know of anyone who keeps up with what the fish are doing more than Chris. He puts the time on the water and isn't satisfied until he's established a working pattern.

Vern Fleming
I was fortunate enough to take two trips with Chris this past winter. One was for cats, in which I caught some big ones and learned a lot about catfish feeding patterns. The other was a crappie trip that was such a brutally cold day that I thought about rescheduling. Good thing I didn't because that day was amazing as we caught 50 nice keepers and I caught the biggest of the day and one of my biggest ever! Chris showed me that you can catch crappie by finding them over brush and just dropping a jig straight down to the right depth and holding it completely still. I would suggest that if you can book a trip with Chris, do it! You will have a great day of fishing lessons and a fantastic experience.
Jamie Way

We had a great time fishing with Chris this spring. We caught crappie all day and there were some big ones! Chris is a great guide - he took care of us all day, put us on fish, told us what to do and let us catch them. He is one of the few guides that will not fish a spot out in front of you and will instead let you catch all the fish. I will not use anyone else when I'm after big crappie. Fishing with Chris is like fishing with your best buddy. We will definitely fish with him again.
Thanks Chris for a great day on the water.
Richard Banks


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