Kerr Lake Crappie and Cats Guide Service

Let's Get Out on the Water!

Starting at safe light, your adventure begins by cruising out on the lake. Along the way, Chris shares some of the folklore and history of the the region and Kerr Reservoir. Originally from Fountain, North Carolina, Chris has since become quite an expert in the surrounding area of Kerr with a residence established in Townsville, N.C. so he can be close to the lake.

You'll be fishing in a historic area where the Occaneechi once lived, primarily on a large, 4-mile long island and east of the confluence of the Dan and Roanoke Rivers. Enjoy the pristine waters of Kerr, where you will get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of wildlife on this remote lake. Make sure you take time to enjoy the setting as you bring the bigguns to the boat.
Bring a cooler so you can keep all the fish you want! Crappie filleting demonstrations upon request.
Chris works sharply with a electric knife and can demonstrate his technique for you. Let Chris know before your trip if you would like to see this in action!

When you come for your trip, please be prepared to pay a $5 parking fee that is effect at most ramps on Kerr. Also bring rain gear, warm clothes, etc. as needed.

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About your Kerr catfish or crappie fishing trip with Chris

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Licenses are not provided! Please make sure you obtain a fishing license before your trip.